Invest for a brighter tomorrow.

Our automated, AI-based portfolios allow you to easily invest in crypto with the highest potential returns and lowest fees.

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Avg. Yearly Return

Our Investment Approach

Proven Investment Strategies

Our strategies have provenly been outperforming their benchmarks for multiple market cycles.

Machine Learning + Quant Research

We are running advanced data analysis & ML algorithms to generate optimal returns for you.

Your very own
Hedge Fund Portfolio

Enjoy a quanthedge fund portfolio, custom tailored to your investment goals.


Compounded annual growth


Invested in our strategies


People invested in our strategies

Our growth over
the years.

Our automated portfolios have outperformed the broad market by multiples over the last two years.

And thanks to our smart portfolio algorithms, we can generate a portfolio for you, that is custom made for your needs.

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Fully regulated
by top partners in the industry.

Crypto can still feel like the wild west.
That's why we are working together with long-standing financial institutions and are fully regulated by financial authorities in Switzerland & Germany: BaFin & FINMA.

Outperform the market

Earn 10x yield on your savings.

Get the highest yield available by investing your savings with Sun Invest.
With no minimum deposit, it’s so easy to save and earn more on your money.

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Hands-off investing made easy.

Invest smarter with your portfolio, curated market content, watchlists and suggested products, all in one place.

Personalized A.I. powered portfolios

Whether you're looking for the highest returns or lowest risk, Sun Invest has an investment product that's right for you.

Smart push notifications

Stay on top of all transactions and market movements with our smart push notifications, so there is no need for constant checking!

Market research & education

Our educational content and market research provides all the information that novice or experienced investors need to make informed financial decisions.

Invest with zero fees

Enjoy zero fees on investments via bank trasfer. Crypto has never been easier or more accessible!

Private and secure

Not only are we committed to protecting your data, but you can rest assured that it's never being logged or shared with any third party.

Custody - When you want it

The future of cryptocurrency is here, and it's all thanks to Sun Wallet. With just a phone number or Apple login you can create a self custodied hardware wallet.

Spend your crypto anywhere.

Get a Sun Invest debit card powered by Mastercard© and spend your assets at any of their over 44 million merchants across 210 countries.

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Custom experience

Personalized investing for each of us, with tailored investment solutions to meet our unique needs and goals.

Secure spending

With a Mastercard debit card, you can block transactions on the fly and take advantage of their Zero Liability Protection Policy.

Zero hidden fees

With no hidden fees and full transparency when it comes to your finances, you'll never pay for products or services that may be unnecessary.

No minimums

Investing 1 dollar or 100 million, you can take advantage of our investment products and spending policies to the fullest.

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Notice to the provision of virtual asset services
Cryptocurrencies are highly speculative assets that are associated with significant risks of loss. Please note that all our Crypto services are provided to you by Sun Labs AG, having its registered address at Neuhofstr. 12, 6340 Baar, Switzerland.