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AI-based automated investing solutions? high-yield accounts?  Anything you can imagine!
Oh, and no gas and no seed phrase logins

Diverse portfolios on your preference

RISK Lover? Risk Averse?

Sun Wallet's machine-learning-based investment products offer a wide range of options for investors looking to make a return on their money.

Our machine learning algorithms analyze market data to identify and exploit patterns used to generate profit. This approach allows us to offer investment products that provide high returns and low risk. Our products are also highly flexible, allowing investors to choose the level of risk they are comfortable with. Whether you're looking for the highest returns or lowest risk, Sun Wallet has an investment product that's right for you.

Risk Lover

High Risk High Returns.
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Risk Neutral

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Risk Avoider

Saving but with high interest

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Beat The Market

We have winning algorithms that consistently deliver market-beating returns. Our SW ETH Algorithm was first launched in June 2020 and has since then outperformed Ethereum by 318%, with no signs of slowing down!


How to enhance your investment in SunWallet

Gasless Transactions

Sun Wallet covers all transaction fees and strips away the blockchain complications with the most elegant user experience possible.

Fee Generation

Sun Wallet generates fees from fiat purchases, DEX swaps, and transactions involving a spread.

No Seed Phrase

Sun Wallet allows users to create a wallet with just their phone number or Apple login.

Fiat To Crypto

From 160 countries to seamlessly exchange fiat from their local bank accounts into the crypto universe.

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